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PEAK Leadership is an intensive leadership training program that transforms leadership potential and builds highly functioning teams.  The program focuses on identifying the team mission and how each individual contributes to the successful .  Each individual will walk away from this experience more confident and authentic in his/her leadership as well as more connected to the team. 


PEAK Leadership combines the best of one-on-one executive coaching, executive development programs and on-the-job learning. Together, participants focus on their individual business challenges and leadership skills to achieve significant business results. The benefits are immeasurable.  Your team will walk away more engaged, connected, and aligned to the team and mission.


What’s Different:

PEAK Leadership uniquely leverages the best of three proven approaches to management development: on the job training, one-on-one executive coaching and leadership development.

PEAK advantages:
  • Small groups of executives

  • 8 – 10 participants per group results in significant individual attention

  • Different companies represented (non-competitors)

Combining executives from different companies, industries and disciplines ensures all participants are exposed to varied and enriching business perspectives. This mix creates an intense, yet “safe” leadership training environment.

Meet over the course of 12 months

Eight full‐day meetings plus group, peer and individual phone calls translates to more than 80 hours of development support. Time between meetings allows participants to test new ideas and insights on-the‐job then return to the group for further direction and reinforcement.

In expert-facilitated sessions

Utilizing advanced executive coaching techniques expert facilitators push the learning agenda, provide new thinking and insights and point out opportunities for participants to model different behaviors.

To do real work

Each participant must present and solve a current business issue with the group’s active participation. Working on business challenges with peers from different companies and industries dramatically expands each participant’s business perspective.

And challenge and learn from one another 

Participants track their progress, discuss their results and learnings with the group and receive further direction and reinforcement. Peer-coaching fosters independent and agile learners and encourages collaboration.

Most Internal And External Development Programs

  • 20-50 participants

  • Instructor-driven

  • Limited individual attention

  • Single or multi-day sessions

  • Limited or no follow-up

  • Focus on cases or lectures

  • Internal programs gather leaders a single company

Most Internal And External Development Programs

  • 20-50 participants

  • Instructor-driven

  • Limited individual attention

  • Single or multi-day sessions

  • Limited or no follow-up

  • Focus on cases or lectures

  • Internal programs gather leaders a single company

PEAK Leadership Program 

  • 8 -10 participants

  • Facilitator-steered, participant-driven

  • Significant individual attention and customization

  • Three 2 1/2-day sessions followed by monthly virtual sessions

  • On-the-job practice between sessions

  • Focus on real work, hands-on learning activities

Who Should attend:

The program is designed for senior and upper-middle executives with positions such as department head, general manager, VP, SVP and President.


As a leadership development program, PEAK is an entirely new model, teaching leaders to understand and continuously assess their personal strengths and weaknesses, adapt and improve their skills and identify new ways to deliver results. There is a strong emphasis on managing relationships. Throughout the program, participants work on real time individual and business challenges and create action plans for managing them.


The program can complement a company’s internal leadership development curriculum or can work well as a management training stand-alone.


A typical PEAK participant
  • 6 or more years’ experience

  • High‐potential or on‐track … a “rising” executive 

  • Manages managers 

  • High‐level individual contributor 

  • Decision‐making authority or autonomy 

Note: Participants are placed in groups with peer‐level executives


How it Works:  PEAK Leadership focuses on three core capabilities central to leadership excellence.







Business Perspective 

Successful leaders rely on their knowledge of different disciplines, markets and industries to think globally and solve problems creatively. A broad business perspective enhances a leader’s ability to grasp complex dynamics, assess situations from multiple vantage points and make informed judgments.

Relationship Management 

Effective leaders leverage their own capabilities and inspire the best results in others. Emotional intelligence and social skills are critical to their success. Leaders who connect, communicate and nurture positive relationships with a wide variety of people are personally more effective and bring out the best from others.​

Self Development


Self‐aware leaders have a deep understanding of their natural comfort zones, strengths and weaknesses. This self‐awareness can allow them to adapt their behaviors and learn in self‐directed ways. Leaders who develop “learning agility” are able to quickly and independently rise to new challenges.


  • Each participant presents a real and current business challenge as a case study to the group

  • In preparing their case, presenters deepen their understanding of their business and the issue they present

  • The group's diverse composition facilitates a broad and comprehensive discussion, expanding participants' perspectives

  • Decisions participants make as a result of case study discussions are further reviewed in follow-up sessions

  • Participants review the real-world/real-time results of their discussions

  • Business learning modules are carefully selected based on the predominant business challenges the group is facing



  • The program is designed around peer coaching and learning

  • The facilitator assigns one-on-one peer coaching relationships

  • Peer participants provide feedback and help each other learn and grow

  • Participants practice relationship skills, build insights into human behavior and improve their ability to influence and manage relationships

  • Specific learning modules are dedicated to managing relationships in a professional context



  • Participants begin the program with a specific, measurable individual learning plan based on input from 360, manager and self-identified goals. Learning objectives will include observable behaviors (i.e. listening, compromising, advocating) and/or observable skills (i.e. delegating, planning, problem-solving).

  • Participants practice new behaviors and skills and reflect on them during and outside program sessions. Participants are peer-coached by the group and accountable to the group for implementing and demonstrating change.

  • Training modules teach participants to continually assess their skills and competencies against the requirements of their current and future roles while creating strategies to adapt as needed.




PEAK Leadership delivers improved individual, team and corporate performance for shareholders .


Results of the leadership program are measured through:
  • Assessments by participant’s manager at the outset of the program and after the final session

  • Participants self‐assess progress against individual learning plans

  • For organizations with more than five participants, composite 360° scores can be reported prior to the first session and after the final session

  • For those who participate in the program and the people they work with, the results have proven immediate and significant


For The Participant

  • Progress on an existing barrier/learning opportunity/issue

  • Broader business perspective

  • Better ability to incorporate disparate views

  • Perspective that accelerates on-the-job learning

  • Greater self‐awareness and ability to self‐correct

  • Stronger contributions in current role

  • Ready sooner for next role

For The Company

  • Discernable return on investment

  • Stronger leadership pipeline

  • Improved individual performance

  • Improved leadership capabilities that drive performance in colleagues

  • On-the-job practice between sessions, significant follow up in later sessions

  • Cost‐effective alternative to job rotation and/or private coaching

  • Executive development approach that is easily scaled

  • Greater employee commitment and engagement

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